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Snegithiyea is a new milieu movie where you can experience the close bond between two college students and unexpected twists which put them in peril. Director Priyadarshan is an excellent movie maker and has made some of the best Tamil movies during his stint.

Jyothika and Sharbani Mukherjee are close friends in college. Like every other college campus, there are different groups and the friends stay together to defend themselves. Even though, all their pranks are childish, things take a serious turn when both friends are accused of being murderers and the cop (Tabu) starts to hunt them. To prove their innocence, the duo keeps running only to unveil more shocking truths about the incidents.

Jyothika and Sharbani Mukherjee do share a close bond besides having excellent on-screen chemistry. They look cute together and despite Jyothika being a veteran actor, Sharbani manages to use her screen space to the maximum.

When watching the movie in an online theater, the audience can definitely enjoy the thriller and the fact that director Priyadarshan keeps one guessing till the end, makes it all the more exciting.

Tabu, on the other hand is quite authentic as the cop but she’s too charming to be an arrogant cop at times.

Cinematography and editing is done to perfection which elevates the experience of the spine-chilling scenes.

The film could make a record for being the only movie where you can find only women all over the screen without any male actors at all! Music by Vidyasagar is notable in few songs like ‘Radhai Manathil’ and ‘Devadhai Vamsam’.

Snegithiyea is a thrilling ride which will be worthy to watch if you love the genre!

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