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Kana Kanden

Kana Kandean starring Srikanth, Gopika and Prithviraj is a whiff of fresh air as it is one of the Tamil movies online that anyone would love to watch! The entertainment quotient is kept intact with plenty of humor and suspense sprinkled all across by director KV Anand.

The plot is simple where two friends are residing together and are inseparable right from their childhood days. The lead Srikanth manages to find an alternative to convert salt water into purified drinking water through various research techniques. His ambition is strongly clobbered by the Government authorities until he decides to setup his own plant. When his wife. Gopika, and he try to get a loan sanctioned, Prithviraj enters the scene as his wife’s friend who lends them the money and threatens Srikanth later on. He’s an illegal business consultant who thrives on other people’s hardwork.

Srikanth poses laudable maturity in his acting and has enacted his role well. Gopika is charming and beautiful with a penchant for good performance wherever possible. Prithviraj is the one that awes everyone with his amazingly realistic performance of a silent but deadly villain. He’s not loud like the usual ones and continues his evil acts with a smile on his face.

Director KV Anand has delved into a different subject, unlike mundane commercial Tamil movies. It is a welcome relief for the audience! The romantic interlude between the lead pair is quite heart-warming to watch and memorable.

Musical score by Vidyasagar is noticeable in a few numbers but the background score is nothing to write home about. Overall, it’s a good effort in terms of tunes. A glimpse of the movie can be seen through free Tamil movie trailers before watching it! A worthy watch!  

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