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Middle Class Madhavan

Middle Class Madhavan is a title truly justified and director TP Gajendran treads the familiar path of family drama, where budget planning is everything. The filmmaker has portrayed the life of middle income civilians in an authentic manner which is a trend in Tamil movie now.

Prabhu is a common man working in a mediocre job. His relatives live with him, making it even harder to plan the budget. Finally, he marries Abhirami but the couple never find the required privacy in their own house. Vivek and Vadivelu, the good-for-nothing relatives, constantly occupy their home. When they continue their marriage life without consummating it, Abhirami gets transferred to another city. Whether they finally come together to share their love or not is the rest.

Prabhu is a favorite actor for director TP Gajendran and he handles such simple roles with ease. When the actor has done his best in movies like ‘Siraichaalai’ and ‘Chinna Thambi’, it isn’t surprising to see him win with hands down in this family flick.

In most new Tamil movies, the heroine is depicted to be silly and roped in to add glamor but Abhirami breaks the standards with her amazing performance. She’s calm, subtle yet delivers what the character demands. The buried emotions of an obedient wife have been skillfully displayed by the actor.

TP Gajendran seldom directs a movie without comedy and in Middle Class Madhavan, it reaches phenomenal heights with the two veterans Vadivelu and Vivek sharing screen space. The duo is equally competent when it comes to making you laugh uncontrollably.

Despite being high on emotions and sentimental sequences, Middle Class Madhavan is enjoyable for its serene comedy and authentic backdrop of a household.

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