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Kavalaipadathe Sagothara

Kavalaipadathey Sagothara is a story woven around inter-religion marriage and has plenty of similarities to some of Jeyaram’s Malayalam movies. Pandiarajan, with Director KR, has made it suitable to match the criteria of Tamil movies online.

Pandiarajan is an eligible bachelor and hails from an orthodox Palakkad Brahmin family. He’s impressed with the beauty and elegance of Suvalakshmi. Even after falling in love, he’s unaware that she is actually a Christian girl. The surprising truth is revealed only during their marriage in the registrar’s office. Both face strong rejection and to avoid the consequences, Pandiarajan changes her attire to resemble a Brahmin wife. If you would like to know whether how the family reacts when they discover the truth, watch this Tamil movie online.

Simple and crisp movies like these can be your preferred choice when you rent Tamil movies because they are rich in fun factor and can be enjoyed by everyone. Pandiarajan is famed for his mischievous looks and it helps to some level in this character.

Suvalakshmi has homely looks and she’s charming as a Brahmin wife. Janakaraj is a great add-on to the movie for he’s loud yet makes the audience laugh at regular intervals.

Music Director Ilayaraja seems to have refrained from rendering his best. The songs are average but they are good enough for a movie which is script oriented with an engaging screenplay.

Director KR has done a good job of bringing all religions together so as to show how the country is secular even in modern era. His characterization is authentic and it is the comical moments which escalate the flick.

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