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Paasa Malargal

Paasa Malargal is a family entertainer and will reach well to the children. Hats off to the Director for making a movie that is suitable for people across all ages! This movie is surely a keeper among the Kollywood movies online that can be watched as many times as possible at home.

Paasa Malargal has a unique story line that we do not often see in Tamil films. The ingenious work of the Director and Cinematographer is laudable. It is a very simple story but told in a very engaging manner which will keep viewers interested. The movie serves as a wholesome entertainment for the audience.

The story is about a rich businessman, Arvind Swamy, who adopts six orphan girls in order to gain goodwill. He initially has a tough time with the orphan girls but eventually begins to enjoy their company. A young girl falls in love with this rich businessman and the movie takes on a brisk pace through a journey of emotions and sentiments with an unexpected ending.

Arvind Swamy, a handsome hero, has proved that he can also be a versatile actor if given a chance. He amuses as a handsome lover boy and a good caretaker of the orphan kids. It will be a surprise for the audience to see actor Ajith play a cameo in this movie. Rent movies online and when you do so, a flick like this should be an apt choice.

Director Suresh Menon has showcased his class once again in creating this entertaining movie which is thought provoking as well. The songs will find a place in the hearts of the audience for a long time to come.

Paasa Malargal is a great movie about human relationships and a must watch!

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