This Tamil Movie has been co-produced by N Lingaswamy and N Subash Chandra Bose.  Prabu Solomon, who made a name for himself with Myna has directed this film and scripted the story and the screenplay as well. The film stars Vikram Prabhu and Lakshmi Menon. The cinematographer is Sukumar and the music is composed by D Imman. The film was released in December 2012 and is distributed by Studio Green.

The story is set in an imaginary, remote village named Aadikadu in the Panimalai region of Marthandam. A rogue elephant, known to the residents as Komban, wreaks havoc in the village destroying crops and attacking people. As repeated complaints to the Forest Department produce no result, the villagers decide to hire a trained ‘Kumki’ elephant to deal with the menace. Bomman, played by Vikram Prabhu, is a mahout who earns his living by taking his elephant Manikam to temple festivals and weddings. Bomman comes to Aadikadu with Manikam to help out till the actual kumki elephant arrives. After meeting Alli, the village Headman’s daughter played by Lakshmi Menon who he falls in love with, he decides to stay on. However, as per tradition, the villagers do not marry outside their community. The rest of the film traces this love story and details how Bomman tackles the elephant menace at great personal loss.

Prabhu Solomon has very convincingly captured the beauty of a tribal village untouched by ‘civilization’ against the backdrop to this unusual love story. The visuals of the pristine beauty of the forests captured by Sukumar’s camera are outstanding. The lead pair, both newcomers to the screen, has performed their roles to perfection. The music by D Imman is very good. You can rent this film from New Tamil Movies Online.

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